In the spring of 1994, the Window and Door Store of Jackson, Inc. opened it's doors to a welcoming town.  Since then the business has grown and is able to offer many different styles of windows, doors, garage doors, accessories, and building materials.

The business is family owned and operated by the mother, Nita and her three sons, Tim, Jeff, and Ken Kelly.  They always take their southern pride in making sure the customer feels completely satisfied with the results.  They have made many friends from their customers.

Using over 30 years experience in exterior alterations, they successfully started Kelly Installation Inc. in May 1986 using Wolverine Products.  Since then they still offer Wolverine products along with Norandex products with wonderful results.  Many styles and colors are available to choose from. They have received 38 awards from Wolverine Siding Company dating 1987 to 2001 for the craftsmanship, creativeness, and service.

The Kelly family has several local banks they work with for providing financing if needed.  Visa is also accepted.

Please call or E-mail us for any further inquiries.

Thank You,

Nita, Tim, Jeff, Ken Kelly